September 22, 2021

Happiness to save money

Stop making savings if you want to make money? Wondering what I smoke and if you can get some? It may seem contradictory, but stay with me, I explain?

Good deals, it’s good, but
If you are reading this blog, it may be that like me; you like good deals. Every time you get scratch 1 € here, a product 100% refunded by that, you’re happy ? and that’s perfectly normal!

However, I do not know about you, but I’ve always been frustrated that I never get rich because of all these subterfuges.

Yes, I was able to save my money, live without debts. Yes, I was able to buy some nice stuff and travel cheap thanks to my good plans. But I have never really become a fool as I would have liked to be.

Finally, until I click it!

I am going to share with you my vision of things. The little thing that I came to understand a few years ago and that allowed me to go from the 1st to the 9th decile, as Usul would say. To spend from RSA 3 years ago to earn more than 4000 € per month now with various sources of income. To start a blog and tell all that.

You can do it too; I’m not Superman!
I am a guy rather lambda.

I did not have an inheritance, and my parents earn about the SMIC. So I hope to show you that this applies to most of you. Maybe not as fast as me, maybe not the same way, but you can at least draw principles and pique ideas.

The good news is that I will not offer you to buy my 5000 € training at the end of a brainwashing video?

Do not try to save money
“What? And how do you want me to make money if I do not try to save money? ”

If I seek not to make savings

Search. This is the keyword.

Of course, it is always good to reduce your expenses. You have to make a minimum of savings if you want to avoid some financial disappointments in the future.

No, what I mean is:

Do not focus excessively on finding the economy at all costs.

Fun to steal
For me, dinner is a game.

When I find a chicken at -50% because it will expire the same evening, I buy it, I eat it, and I’m happy to have saved.
When I sponsor someone on iGraal (go ahead, thanks to me you win 10 € : P), I’m happy to have grapillé few euros.
When I come back in transport rather than Uber, I’m happy to save money 7 €.
You see the logic, and you may even be a little like me.

When pleasure becomes a bad habit
The problem with this is that good deals can quickly become an obsession.

You end up in situations where you do not have fun.

For example: drinking a beer with your friends, you are disgusted (e) to have paid 8 € for a pint of Grimbergen blonde quite normal in a bar quite average.