September 22, 2021

Jacksonville Home Window Tinting

People used to install home window tints to bring down the glare of sunlight as well as to reduce cooling cost. Since the primary function of window tints was to restrict the flow of heat, they could bring down the cost of cooling of homes by a significant margin. However, modern Jacksonville Home Window Tinting solutions are few steps ahead. Modern home tinting solutions can offer heat shield, glare obstruction as well as security. In fact, most of the home window tints that people use now-a-days are made of such advanced material. However, while installing window tints you need to make sure that the installer is offering all the standard features.

Standard Features of Window Tinting

Most of the installers issue lifetime warranty for their installation. So ask the installer if he is offering lifetime warranty or not. Since installers use various brands of tints, you need to ask if the tint shave some basic features like opacity, heat shield, security etc. There are various brands of tints that offer a variety of glare and heat shield. So you need to ask the installer how much shield the tint will offer.


You can use window tints for three broad purposes – as a heat and glare shield, as a security item and as a decorative piece.

Heat and glare shield

The primary objective of using a window tint is to shield the rooms from outside heat and the occupants from glare of outside lights. Window tints     serve these purposes quite well. The material in the tints restricts the flow of heat by restricting the ultraviolet band of light. It is the ultraviolet rays that pack the maximum heat. As the tint blocks these rays the heat cannot pass inside the house. Owing to this the inside temperature does not increase much. So you don’t need to incur a huge expenditure to run the air cooling system.

Window tints also prevent light glare. These films have an anti-glare coating on them. Owing to this coating the occupants of the house don’t feel the glare of light.


Modern window tints also enhance the security of homes. These tints are made of two panes of tempered glass with an impact resistant material between them. If something hard strikes the window from outside, the impact resistant material in the film breaks apart. It absorbs the impact and as it does so, the window does not feel the effect of the impact. Such screens are very useful for the security of families.

Privacy of homes

There are opaque films which restrict the inside view of your house to outsiders. House owners use such films to maintain the privacy of their homes. The films are designed in such a way that although they restrict the inside view from outside, the house owner can see the outside clearly. This makes them a very good choice for home owners.

Decorative purposes

These films are also used for decorative purposes. These are available in different designs and shades. You can choose one according to your choice.


Though there are various types of window tints, the modern tints have all the qualities combined in them. So you can get security, privacy, heat and glare shield as well as decoration from the same window tint.