September 22, 2021

How to create a real estate marketing plan + an example in PDF for real estate

In our previous post of « real estate branding of ICHS Town Islamabad» we saw in the last section the need to establish a real estate marketing plan whose objectives are perfectly aligned with your short, medium and long term goals.

Creating this marketing plan for real estate is not an easy task. Real estate marketing agencies carry out numerous previous studies to direct planning towards safe success. However, on a small scale you can develop a series of actions to meet your goals, place them on a calendar and try to carry them out.

Let’s see how we can minimize the difficulty without subtracting an iota of productivity from the real estate marketing plan. Do you dare to follow these simple steps? You just need to have a pencil and paper on hand …

How to create a real estate marketing plan for the promotion of a real estate agency

Find out exactly who your audience is

If you followed the steps of our previous article to improve your Personal Branding, this point and the next one will have them already made.

Do not trust yourself thinking that you know your audience perfectly. Using your client list you can make an average user of your services (sex, age, place of residence, purchasing power, tastes …) and from there, direct your marketing actions to that specific audience. You will see that in this way, your real estate marketing plan is much more successful.

Do not lose sight of your competition

If you spend part of the time you spend preparing this real estate marketing plan to see what your competition is doing to promote its services, it will be much easier to get inspired and include ideas in your real estate marketing strategies  that are not being carried out by them. so that, from the beginning, you have already earned them a point in originality.

Excelling over your competition will allow you to reap better results.

Set 3 specific objectives for your plan

This is what specialists call “SMART objectives” (in English, “smart”). The 3 objectives of a real estate agency must meet the following factors: be specific, measurable, feasible, realistic and exposed in a specific time (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time marked… SMART).

Plan actions to meet those goals

Once you know who you are addressing and what message you are going to send to them that are in line with your three SMART objectives, you can take the calendar and start planning actions, among which, we from Sky Marketing Islamabad advise you:

  • Participation or assistance to real estate fairs
  • Create an online profile with which to carry out actions on your social networks (your personal brand on the Internet). Will you show your personality? Will you be very close to the customer? What will be the tone of your messages?
  • web for real estate: Create a page that contains a blog where you can start writing and be known as an expert. Most current clients first seek references about you as a professional. Allow them to find you and also to be speechless at the amount of information you give them. Become a trusted expert.
  • Social networks for real estateagents: Decide on which social platforms you will have a presence: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram … Each one has a different purpose that you can align with your specific objectives. Also decide how often you will publish on that platform (it is better to start with just one but keep it well updated)
  • Real estate telemarketing: Keep track of the contacts you enter daily.
  • Email real estate marketing: Send every 15 days, 1 month an email with interesting news for your Target.
  • Real estate video marketing: Create videos with relevant information for your clients to gain their trust.
  • Real estate marketing phrases: Create phrases for your social networks and share them with your followers

Create a content calendar

Ideally, you could update your social networks daily, and your blog 3 times a week. But we know that maintaining this frequency of publications is very complicated for a professional.

Therefore, the best solution is to organize on a calendar what you are going to publish and when, getting these publications to have greater impact if you plan them beforehand and promote them on the social network that you have decided in the previous section.

Example of real estate marketing plan in pdf

Nowadays for the development of a profitable real estate business , you will need to carry out a real estate marketing plan for the promotion of your agency. With this manual you will learn to make your own. Download this PDF real estate marketing guide for free. Click here to download the payment plans for plots for sale in Islamabad.