September 22, 2021

I work in Real Estate: “Be careful what they offer you!

Many job offers in real estate are a trap and do not fit what your responsibilities and obligations will actually be. Many promises, but the reality is different.

There are still real estate agencies that know how to hire their staff: they invest time in preparing a job profile, offer acceptable economic conditions, prepare the job interview and end up selecting the right candidates. Sadly of these agencies and franchises there are few.

Unfortunately, what proliferates is improvisation, selecting candidates based on personal tastes and offering salaries that do not fit the market, taking advantage of the demand for the unemployed.

Anyone who comes to the interview well dressed, is lucky that the interviewer likes “his face” and shows in those minutes that it can be molded to the personality of the interviewer, get the position. And of course, you have to be one of the first to go to the interview.

It is not surprising that there is high turnover in real estate agencies e.g. Blue World City, that productivity is low and training is basic. Just to go out and be motivated during the first weeks. Am I being alarmist or unfair? Let’s look at job offers in real estate that proliferate online. (And also read the comments generated by this article).


Work in Real Estate: We ask for Outgoing People.

I include 2 examples of job offers in real estate that demonstrate what I have said before:

“Real Estate Commercial Agent”

We are looking for personnel with and without commercial experience, extroverts, with ease of speech, and good presence. We need to fill positions of commercial agents dedicated to real estate brokerage of second-hand homes. We offer employment contract, and fixed salary plus commissions.

I can assure you that the real estate agency that advertises a job in this way will hire you, sure, if you send a decent resume immediately. The problem comes later, when they offer you a low salary and working conditions where what will prevail is that you are an aggressive commercial and you entrust yourself to the Virgin del Carmen.

As long as you are “outgoing” and have “ease of speech” no matter what you say. You attract clients and properties and we will pay you late, badly and never. As long as we get to sell something, of course.

Working in this agency you will waste your time, (which you will not use to find another agency better), you will suffer disappointments and the relationship between agency and you will end in tears.

The real estate agency also loses, but the only thing that interests this class of real estate agencies is to survive at the expense of others. They don’t mind losing a commercial; there is an abundance of unemployed in the market. After you, another will come looking for a job in real estate and so they survive.

You can already imagine the type of training you are going to get if you do not have experience in this sector. May God have mercy on you!

I work in Real Estate: We are looking for someone to “Get the Juice”.

Here we have another example. This is more sophisticated and has no waste. I don’t pretend to be cynical with my comments in blue; I just read the ad and interpret it.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Company Dedicated to the Sale of Real Estate: Flats, Luxury Villas, Commercial Premises, Industrial and Residential Tertiary, etc.

(You are well specified what a property is in case you don’t know it)

(It has to be a “hugely large” company. It sells all types of real estate. Wow, it must have a large and expert commercial team).


-Business Incorporation with a Large Expansive Project. (Do you still want to grow more? This sounds really promising!)

-Business Contract in the Freelance modality. (Fantastic, here is the proof of its expansion and what awaits you).

-Remuneration linked to objectives. (If you are a freelance, there is no other).

-Customer buyers investors. (Promises that, in my experience, it is a lie like the cup of a pine tree).

-High percentages. The highest in the sector. (This is already a joke!)

-Good working environment. (I doubt it and I refer to how this ad is written)

-Continuous training by the company. (Please, look for the word continuous in the dictionary so that it does not lead to confusion when they facilitate this “continuous” formation).

REQUIRED: (Prepare for the best of the ad!)

-Commercial gifts. (This is more diffuse than paranormal science)

-Age: 25 to 35 years. (That is, if you are 40 years old you are not worth a pepper. Your experience is of no use. Oh and remember that they have investment clients)

-Conduct nice. (Smile, be submissive and say “please”, “thank you” and good morning “, especially to the boss. I doubt that you will sell many properties with pleasant behavior).

–Full autonomy and decision-making capacity. (What does it sound good to? You’ll already check the decision-making capacity you are going to have.)

-Computer management. (I wonder what work you will do with your PC). 

Abstain who does not meet the requirements. (Well, this is already supine stupidity. They try to tell you that they will carry out an exhaustive selection based on whether you are handsome, if your behavior is pleasant and if your business skills cover an infinite number of spectra.)

These are the job advertisements for real estate agencies that abound on the web. Which shows us how the real estate sector is. With this mentality, it is not surprising that the owners prefer to sell their property directly; that buyers have a bad concept of real estate agencies and the sector follows an outdated business model.

Choose well who you work with. Many of the job offers in real estate that you will find in the market are a hoax. And I say it with knowledge of cause.

Work in Real Estate: Agencies & Franchises.

Work freelance, autonomous, independent, unsupervised, doing what you want, with your car, gasoline, self-employed insurance it  sure sounds like an advantage. Above all, with high percentages paid in this sector for blowing and making bottles.

To succeed as an independent real estate agent, you need good training in real estate sales. Training that not far will facilitate most franchises and real estate agencies.

I know there are good agencies in the market such as skymarketing and some other franchises, (I know some), where I would not hesitate to recommend someone to send them a CV. They are agencies and franchises that know how to select staff and usually hire little, because they generally do not need more staff. For them, staff turnover is painful, they take care of the staff they have, (freelance and staff) , so that they earn money and thus earn more money.

However, many real estate agencies do not have this approach . The training is appalling, their promises leave much to be desired, the work environment is harmful even to health and the fees they pay are covert slavery.

Many franchise offices or the franchisee, ( not always the franchise itself), are not saved from burning.

A lot of American , Italian or Spanish branding ; a lot of marketing to capture unsuspecting that leave them $ 10,000 – $ 30,000 dollars, many photos on Facebook having a great time, (excuse my French), a lot of artificial motivation and when you come to realize, which usually reaches 2 to 3 months, where I said Diego said.

No wonder that more and more people prefer to create their own real estate business, to work in agencies or franchises. No wonder that the best real estate agents I know (and I know quite a lot), work as independent real estate agents.

It does not surprise me either that the agencies and franchises have so much turnover, because people interested in this sector with greater potential to be excellent real estate agents, seeing how the schoolyard is, decide to mount it on their own.

Please choose well who you work with and where you send your CV. Your new job may end in tears or even cost you money.

If someone reads this article and works at a real estate agency in which they are happy and earning so much money that it gives them vertigo, they think that I am not being critical of YOUR real estate agency or franchise, but with the rest .