September 22, 2021


wahl trimmer

Learn to cut and maintain it in a few simple steps

Indeed, if you do it wrong, it takes little to produce the opposite result and pass for a man who does not care for his appearance. We therefore offer several tips to apply, step by step, by using wahl beard trimmer which will allow you to successfully grow your beard for 3 days.

When to cut?

Paradoxically, to obtain the appearance of a beard of 3 days, it is necessary to have let the hairs of his face grow for 5 days, in order to have a provided and regular matter to rework. You must have a beard trimmer and put the largest shoe on it. Then you need to shave against the grain of the hair (including the legs). If necessary, take a smaller hoof, the important thing is to obtain a uniform length on the face of 1 or 2 centimeters.

wahl beard trimmer

Where to cut?

The second step is to draw the beard at the cheekbones. To do this, simply place a comb or a strip on your cheek, which starts from the opening of your ear to reach the end of your lips. With your usual razor, or better a cabbage cutter, you must shave all the hair above this line. Using a straight razor allows you to see the shaved part better and therefore to be more precise: this is the method used by the barber. 3-day beard advice: avoid redrawing the mustache, which would cause an unnatural result. However, it is necessary to cut the bristles which overflow on the lips, following their outline well, with small scissors.


In order to obtain a truly clean result, it is important to trim your beard at the neck. So, it is better to use your usual tool and shave your neck up to 1 cm above the Adam’s apple, while respecting the roundness of the face. For a more natural effect, also shave the part between the edge of your face and this limit, using a clipper with small hoof. This will create a harmonious contrast. At the level of the chin, you can leave the natural hairs, but they must be at the right length.

The essential complements to make your 3-day beard perfect

To always look flawless, a 3-day beard must be regularly maintained. For that, nothing more simple, it is necessary to repeat the operation every 2 to 4 days, as regards the trimmer (trim beard with the big, then the small hoof), and daily for the drawing of the cheekbones and the area from the neck below the Adam’s apple.

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